Before Revamp & Revive was birthed, it was just a hobby, and a task learned quickly to save money as a brand new entrepreneur. The owner, Stacey, was unable to return to work during COVID-19 because she was forced to become a teacher to 4 school aged kids, while also caring for a newborn, when schools were shut down during the pandemic. Already being out of work, and her maternity leave expiring, it was like pulling teeth to try and get her employer's short term disability approved to cover her extended leave of absence. During this time, she was forced into the world of entrepreneurship, although the thought of being her own boss was already in the works for the near future. In order to save money on the costs associated with running and operating a business, she began to design her own marketing material. The word spread fast, and before you know it, other business owners were relying on her to do the same for them. From flyers, business cards, social media content, DIY E-books, affiliate material, logos, you name it. If you asked, considered the job done. The crazy part about all of this, these services were never services that she advertised. Maybe it was fear. Fear that things would take off to quickly. Fear that she would become overwhelmed. Fear of being overbooked. Every excuse crossed her mind as to why she didn't want to let the public in on her talents, when it was very well what they needed. The word circulated extremely fast. Word of mouth is what got her where she is today.


After being positively pressured by some of her bossties within the industry, she started offering web design services to the public. The need for marketing content, as well as a platform for others to display their business, created a dire need to birth Revamp & Revive. We dedicate our time to helping entrepreneurs and businesses create an identity for their brand. We love what we do, and we like to have fun along the way. 

We specialize in creating digital content to help you build a better online presence for your business and brand.